Current Fee Schedule

Effective January 20, 2021

$25 Vehicle title filing in CO
Real Estate/HELOC
$475 - $600 Appraisal fee (Note: other factors may affect the cost of the appraisal such as distance, nature of property which could make the cost outside of the posted range.)
$11.00 Flood determination
$100 - $200 Title insurance (Note: other factors may affect the cost of the title insurance such as the loan amount and purchase transactions, which would make cost outside of posted range.)
$15 Late charge
$62 - $100 Real estate recording
$50 Subordination fee
Savings Accounts
$25 Minimum deposit to open
$15 Christmas Club Account early withdrawal (per transaction)
$25 Closing account within 90 days of opening
$1 - $2 Misc. scanning fees (per page, local or long distance)
$30 Non-sufficient funds item fee
$25 Reopening account within 90 days of closing
$5 Statement copy (per month)
A penalty will be assessed if you withdraw any of the principle before the maturity date. For certificates of one year or less original maturity, the penalty is equal to all dividends earned to maximum of 90 days dividends. For certificates over one year original maturity, the penalty is equal to all dividends earned to a maximum of 180 days dividends.
$15 Yearly administration fee
Money Markets
During any statement period (a calendar month), you may make 3 debit transactions. More than 3 transactions will be accessed a fee for each additional transaction.
Money Market Checking Accounts
You may write up to 3 debits per month against available funds in this account. If more than 3 checks are written, a $15 charge per check fee will be assessed.
General Accounts
$30 Monthly Dormant Account
$30 Account Overdrawn Fee
Checking Account Options
No monthly fee. Accounts with 5 or more uncovered overdrafts or EFTIs (Electronic Funds Transfer Items) in any 45-day period, excluding Protection Plus, will be subject to closure.
All Checking Accounts
$30 Charge Back Checks
FREE eStatements
$6 Home banking monthly fee (no fee at this time)
$30 NSF item fee
$30 Overdraft fee (line-of-credit) late payment
$30 Protection Plus (we will pay your check and the check won’t be returned)
$5 Retrieval or photocopy of paid checks/deposits
$30 Stop payments (drafts or ACH)
ATM/Debit Card
$2 ATM withdrawal fee after first 7 each month
$5 Debit card replacement fee
$2 PIN Mailer where PIN # to be given to you
$35 Rushed card
VISA Credit Card
$5 Card replacement fee/ $25 Visa Classic Annual Fee/ $45 Visa Gold Annual Fee
$15 Late payment fee
$2 PIN # replacement
$30 Returned payment fee
$35 Rush card
Bill Pay
$6 Monthly fee (no fee at this time)
$30 Stop payment fee
Other Services
$30 Account research (1 hour minimum)
$24 ACH origination annual fee
$2 Money order
$3 Counter checks payable to third party
$4 Certified check
$25 Garnishment/levy processing fee
$20 Manual clearing of draft or ACH
FREE Notary service for members
$10 Returned mail fee
$25 Revocation of EFTIs (Electronic Funds Transfer Items)
$5 Temporary check sheet
FREE Wire transfer incoming
$25 Wire transfer outgoing domestic
$50 Wires, international
$25 Western Union Wire Transfer

NOTE: This fee schedule is for general information purposes only. Members will receive an estimate of the fees associated with the specific loan being applied for at the time of application. All fees will be assessed at the time of service or deducted from your account. If the balance is insufficient, you will be notified to pay the required charge. The Credit Union may charge any of your accounts for any charges that are due. Any fees or charges assessed to the Credit Union for extra service or special handling of your account will be passed on to you. We will notify you of any changes in charges that may be imposed on any account in the normal course of business, but may not notify you of charges for extraordinary services furnished at your special request.

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