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Simple Rules to Follow to Avoid Being a Victim of Phone and Text Fraud!

Follow these simple rules to keep your information safe!

Fidelis Family mourns the loss of our beloved co-worker and friend, Eli Stewart

On January 10th  the Credit Union was shocked and deeply saddened to learn that our  Eli Stewart passed away suddenly.  Eli was a beloved member of the Credit Union family.

FinCin Beneficial Ownership Information

Be prepared! The documents in this news article have important information that could impact your business.

Important Information Regarding the Overdraft Line of Credit

We will be adjusting the required minimum payment for your Overdraft Line of Credit to reflect required minimum payment in the Line of Credit Agreement.   This will not affect any payments that you have already made to your loan.  The Overdraft Line of Credit has been calculating  minimum monthly  payments that are less than the required minimum payment obligation.  This adjustment may cause your minimum monthly payments to increase. 

During the COVID pandemic, we allowed the Line of Credit payments to advance for up to three months in order to accommodate those needing financial assistance.   We will now be requiring a minimum payment on the Overdraft Line of Credit on a monthly basis.  The date this adjustment will take effect is based on your current due date and may not affect all members with a Line of Credit.  

We appreciate your membership with Fidelis.  If you have any questions regarding these adjustments, please contact us at

Living Faith Daily Devotion



We enjoy being able to provide our members with the Living Faith Daily Devotion! Please Click on the link below to be redirected to the Living Faith website to read a FREE digital version of the Daily Devotion. Once on the website simply click on "Devotion of the Day". You can also use the calender to explore any past day's Daily Devotion.

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Mobile Wallet

We are officially live with our NEW Mobile Wallet! For more information about Mobile Wallet please click here!

Electronic Check Deposit

Please Click Here for information regarding Electronic Deposit Capture!

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