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VISA Credit Card Payment Due Date and Statement Date Changes

Important information to know regarding your Visa Credit Card!

In an effort to provide greater convenience and eliminate additional costs, the Credit Union will be changing the Visa Credit Card payment due date from the 12th of each month to the 28th of each month. This will be effective on April 28, 2020. You will no longer receive a separate Visa Credit Card statement.  Your Visa transaction history will be incorporate into you monthly credit union statement. 

You may still make your monthly Visa Credit Card payments at Fidelis Catholic Credit Union. Payments may be made by online or mobile banking transfer, you may make your payment by check, through shared branching, or in person at one of our two locations.

Please be aware that any auto transfers we make for your Visa Credit Card will not change unless you contact us and tell us to change the due date of your electronic transfer. You may contact us at or 303-424-5037.


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