Parish Partnerships

Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish

How Do Our Parishes Benefit

In many ways, we are just like a bank. We have all the financial products you’d expect, but there’s one characteristic that really sets us apart: we actively support Catholic families, schools, charities and parishes. For more information on how we can get involved within your Catholic parish, please contact us.

Other Benefits

It is our belief that when members of the Catholic faith are financially strong, the Catholic community prospers. The more we grow the more people we are able to serve. By making Fidelis your primary financial institution, you can expect prudent management in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic faith.

Some of the many ways we are committed to strengthening the Catholic community are by:

  • Donating our services
  • Helping with underwriting costs of various parish materials
  • Providing stewardship educational materials as requested

For more information on parish benefits, please contact us.

Parish Services

Since 1954, parishes have been our financial partners. Providing good stewardship over the resources entrusted to each parish is essential.

We provide:

  • Deposit Accounts – Various types of accounts that fit parishes needs
  • Checking Accounts – Minimal monthly fees for operating accounts
  • Online Services – Ability to review your accounts 24/7
  • Convenience – We provide locked currency bags and collections assistance
  • Commercial Loan Program – Finance capital improvement or construction projects for parishes

We can also assist with:

  • Parish payroll
  • Tuition
  • Stewardship and tithing

Commercial Loan Program

Fidelis offers a wide variety of commercial loans and lines of credit to finance capital improvement or construction projects for parishes, schools and organizations we serve within the Archdiocese of Denver.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Programs tailored to fit the specific needs
  • Low interest rates
  • Great flexibility – no prepayment penalties
  • Easy application process

For more information, please contact us.

Stewardship and Tithing

Our Automated Giving Program can assist parishes in collection and management of offertory resources. It provides a means for parishes to automatically collect weekend offertory.

How the Automated Giving Program works:

  1. Parish opens a Fidelis account and sets up an automated clearing house (ACH) program.
  2. One day before processing date, for each parishioner participating in the ACH program, the church will send the ACH Department a dollar amount for ACH processing. It will need to include:
    • Name
    • Financial institution
    • Amount of offering
  3. Fidelis will process the ACH collections and deposit directly into the church’s account.

For more information, please contact us.

*A $24 fee is applied for this program once a year.

Tuition Payment Program

Our Tuition Payment Program allows schools the time and dependable funds to plan for the future rather than worry about monthly cash flow. We can help your school manage the financial aspect of things by enabling your business manager/administrator the ability to meet payroll, pay bills, purchase supplies, etc. By receiving a lump sum deposit at the beginning of the school year, an effective budget can be established.

For more information, please contact us.

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