Partnership Accounts

We understand that by supporting our members' business and non-profit dreams and goals, we're helping not only our members thrive, but our local economies and communities as well. We also embrace our role as stewards for Catholicism and look to support others who share our common bond and pride in our Catholic faith. This is why we offer the following accounts to help get your ambitions started on the path to success.

Business Savings

The Business Savings Account is the first step in establishing a Business or Organizational membership with Fidelis. By simply maintaining a $25.00 balance members are eligible for a business/organization checking account.

Business Checking

Whether you own a retail establishment, are a sole proprietor, or simply looking to set up an account for your local club or organization you can count on Fidelis to provide top-quality, personalized service in an easy-to-use checking account. If you're familiar with the high fees commonly found at a bank — you'll love a Fidelis Business Checking Account.

Non-Profit Checking: This is a checking account specifically for our community's non-profit clubs and organizations. This account features small to no monthly fees depending on the average balance during the month. (See Fee Schedule)

Business Checking: Offers flexibility for businesses of all sizes. Business Checks and other supplies can be ordered quickly and conveniently from your home or office from Order My Checks. This account features small to no monthly fees depending on the average balance during the month. (See Fee Schedule)

Insured Funds

Funds on deposit at Fidelis Catholic Credit Union are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the Federal Government. The NCUA has stronger backing per dollar than either of its counterparts, the FDIC (insuring banks) and FSLIC (insuring savings and loans).

If you would like to open an account, please contact us or stop in at one of our branches for detailed information and requirements.

Changes to regulations regarding business accounts, please click here.

Partnership Services

Fidelis Catholic Credit Union has a number of affiliations that can help make our members' lives and their business or organizational needs much easier to manage and grow within our shared Catholic values.

Retirement and Investment Planning
Evergreen Wealth Collaborative, LLC 800.755.0368
Vehicle Services
AutoTrek 303.934.5600
Enterprise 303.410.1632

Add Fidelis as an Employee Benefit

You can also provide Fidelis Catholic Credit Union as the financial instituion partner for your employees or organizational members and volunteers! Click here to learn more about our Partner Memberships.

Partner Memberships

What is a Select Employee Group?

To join a credit union, a person must be eligible for membership and most credit unions are organized to serve people in a particular community, group or groups of employees or members of an organization or association. In other words, people who have a “common bond.” These common bonds are referred to as Select Employee Groups.

Why become a Select Employee Group of Fidelis?

Becoming a Select Employee Group of Fidelis Catholic Credit Union will give your company a powerful and unique product to add to your benefit package that also connects your business and employees with the Catholic faith. And it's completely FREE for you to offer.

Fidelis is a not-for-profit, Catholic-based and practicing financial cooperative where we operate solely to serve our members and return all excess income to our members in the form of better rates and lower fees. We offer the same financial products as banks, but we do so as a service, not as a source of income. That is why you will find that our fees are often significantly lower than other financial institutions.

Every decision made at Fidelis is made with our members' financial well-being in mind.

As your company or organization's financial partner, your employees, members or volunteers will be provided:

  • Various checking and savings options
  • Payroll Deduction or Direct Deposit
  • Low cost loans
  • VISA Credit Cards
  • Online Banking, Bill Pay and Telephone Banking
  • Investment accounts
  • A variety of free services
  • Thousands of local, state and nationwide branch locations and surcharge-free ATMs via CO-OP Shared Branching and ATM Network
SEGs Information

Current Select Employee Groups

In need of Fidelis Catholic Credit Union supplies or promotional materials?
Call us at 303.424.5037 x142 or email

Would you like someone from Fidelis to visit you?
Email ontact the Marketing Department or call us at 303.424.5037 x142

How to Become a Select Employee Group

To be considered as a Select Employee Group (SEG) for Fidelis Catholic Credit Union, you need to complete our SEG application and return it with a letter on your company letterhead to include the following.

  • Your company's official request for Fidelis membership
  • The approximate number of employees
  • The approximate distance in miles to Fidelis
  • Signature of owner or CEO

Once we have received your application, it will be sent to our Board of Directors for their endorsement, then forwarded to the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) for their final approval. We will notify you when the approval process is complete. This generally takes only 5-10 business days.

After your company has become a SEG, we will set up a meeting with you to introduce you and your employees to the benefits of Fidelis membership. For more information, please call us at 303.424.5037 or email the Marketing Department

Do businesses have to be a Select Employee Group to open any business accounts?
No. However, at least one person has to be eligible for membership and have a personal account at Fidelis.

The following Catholic Churches and businesses are Select Employee Groups that offer Fidelis Catholic Credit Union as a benefit for their employees.


  • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church
  • Holy Cross Catholic Church
  • Holy Trinity Catholic Church
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church
  • Nativity of our Lord Catholic Church
  • Saint Mark Catholic Church
  • Shrine of St. Anne Catholic Church
  • Spirit of Christ Catholic Community Church
  • St. Bernadette Catholic Church
  • St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church
  • St. Louis Louisville Catholic Church
  • St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church
  • Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church


  • Echter's Greenhouse
  • General Gerber Construction, Inc.
  • Now! Heating and Air

Your company’s name is not on the list?
We are currently accepting applications for businesses and other groups that would like to be part of the Fidelis family. Click above on the Become a SEG section to learn all about our SEG services, fill out the SEG application and then contact us by email or call us at 303.424.5037 x130.

We would love to have you and your church or business join our Credit Union!

Uniting Your Faith and FinancesTM