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Fidelis Family mourns the loss of our beloved co-worker and friend, Eli Stewart


A Tribute to Eli Stewart

On January 10th  the Credit Union was shocked and deeply saddened to learn that our  Eli Stewart passed away suddenly.  Eli was a beloved member of the Credit Union family.  He began working for Fidelis in January 2019.  When he came and interviewed for the position he told us that he was an actor. He came into the interview sporting full mutton chops, because he was acting in the play  “A Christmas Carol”.  Eli quickly learned many aspects of the Credit Union and went from Teller, to Loan Officer, to being in charge of Card and Collections Department.

The Fidelis team is mourning his loss and we understand that in hearing this sad news, our membership may experience grief as well.  We would like to share some of the best moments and heartfelt thoughts we have about our friend Eli Stewart.  All of these comments came directly from our staff members as we came together to share in our grief.

Lisa said that Eli was a listener, and he was very patient.  He would let you finish your thoughts and then he would have the answer you needed.  Eli knew that Lisa is very artistic, so he would leave drawings for her on her desk.    

Justin shared, that to him, Eli was a gentle and thoughtful person. He thought everything through before he spoke.  Justin also said that he appreciated his sense of humor. He told us that the first time he joked with Eli and gave him a little bit of a hard time, his eyes got big and he looked surprised.  After that, Eli would joke right back with him.

Ben M., Ben B. and Rebecca saw the funnier side of Eli.  They had stories of Eli answering the phone with a “Good Morning” at any time of day, or “Shakeys Pizza” which always catches you off guard.  Ben B. said that Eli wanted to join the fantasy football team but knew nothing about football.  Eli took it upon himself to learn about football and having a fantasy football team.  Eli ranked in the top 4-5 for several years.  He was a quick learner.

Eli was also very kind, and trusted by our membership. Cheryl said that within seconds he could calm the most angry, emotional and frightened member, assuring them that he would sort out whatever fraud had occurred on their account. He had the gift of sincere kindness and genuine caring with firm fatherly advice, always finding a solution, while leaving the member with dignity and pride.

Other employees said that they looked up to Eli.  He was the kind of person you would count on to “phone a friend”  if you were in need.  Eli was soft spoken and had a heart of gold.  He was gracious and showed tolerance leaving all of us feeling informed and confident.

The most recurring sentiment discussed by Eli’s Fidelis family, was that Eli loved his own family immensely. His wife Kayla and their daughter Waverly were his whole world.  Eli was not passive about life, he had plans for their future.  Their daughter Waverly is a smart, precocious little girl.  She is truly gifted and that has to do with the loving commitment Eli and Kayla devoted to her.  Eli did not plan on leaving them so soon.  He planned on being there for every one of life’s moments.

We Love you, Eli. We miss you! You are and will live forever in our hearts!!!

If you would like to share your condolences or your stories about Eli with us, we would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to email Mary Ann at  We will share these with the family so they can feel your love.

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