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Enjoy the comfort and convenience of your Mobile Wallet through Apple, Samsung, Google, FitBit, Garmin, and LG Pay! Use your Mobile Wallet to:

• Conveniently pay for items using just your mobile device instead of using your physical VISA credit or debit card while enjoying all of the same benefits you’re used to.

• Count on security because your card information isn’t stored on your device or shared when you pay.

• Easily make payments in your favorite stores or within apps.
To find out which mobile devices are compatible with Mobile Wallet please click the link below.

For information on how the input your card and how to conduct in-store transactions using the different pay systems please use the links below.










*Look for the symbols to insure you are able to use Mobile Wallet for in-store purchases.

*You MUST have a lock screen set up for your device in order to use any Mobile Wallet, it can be set up by PIN, Face ID, or Fingerprint ID.

If you have any questions or need assistance you can call our Mobile Wallet support line. For debit cards call 1-844-499-7474 and for credit cards call 1-844-216-8258.

Keeping your mobile device safe is more important than ever with the evolution of mobile banking and mobile wallet capabilities. Here at Fidelis we wanted to give you a few security tips in order to keep your mobile device and sensitive information on that device safe.

• One easy and simple way to keep your device safe is to have a lock screen set up on your mobile device. Whether it is a pin code, face recognition, or fingerprint ID. If you do set up a pin number onto your device try not to use birth dates or the year you were born, that is public information that is easily obtainable.

• When setting passwords try to set a strong password of 11 characters or more with multiple character types (uppercase, lowercase, special characters, etc.), and try to avoid real words (Dog1234)

• Mobile device companies send out updates on a regular basis to update systems and security on the phone. Always make sure your phone is the most up to date.

• Try to avoid connecting to public wifi, connecting to a public wifi may allow fraudsters to access your phone through the wifi network.

• Beware of downloads or links that have been sent to you on your mobile device, they may contain malware that can infect your device.

• Do not jailbreak or root your phone, a lot of people do this to your phone to get rid of the security features on your phone. That also makes your device an easy target for virus’ and malware that could link sensitive information from your device.

• If using a mobile app to send money to people know who you are sending money to. Do not give out your banking information to people you do not have a relationship with.

If there is anything we can help you with please give us a call at 303-424-5037.

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